Data Repository


Data Repository

Do you ever read a paper and think: ... . if only they had analysed their data another way?

The NCL Data Repository is our response to this problem. It is also a useful adjunct for the type of data we collect. Because we look at individual behaviour we collect lots of responses for each individual, usually far too many to provide the data in an appendix to a paper. When the behaviour measured is nonlinear, supplying simple averages over subjects or trials in a paper may be misleading. The repository gives us a means of sharing our unaveraged data, allowing others to try alternate analyses.

The initial motivation to establish the NCL Data Repository arose from our survey examining the form of the Law of Practice. Many researchers generously gave us their raw data and have agreed to allow it to be distributed through the NCL Data Repository. We also plan to expand beyond the initial data sets used in the survey (although this service is unfunded and so this is dependent on the availability of the time and necessary hardware).

If you wish to contribute data, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Each data set comes with a description of its structure and source. Each data set is tab delimited ASCII text file and can be downloaded as a self-extracting ZIP file. We would appreciate citation of this site and our work, and of course all contributed data must be properly cited (reference are supplied in the data set description), in any publications using these data sets.

Data sets may be obtained by following the links below


Data From Heathcote(2003)


Law of Practice survey data


Recognition memory frequency data