Nathan Evans


Position Phd Candidate
Faculty / Division Faculty of Science and Information Technology
School of Psychology
Telephone +61 2 4921 6959

Room AVLG08

Aviation Building



In Press

Dutilh, G., Annis, J., Brown, S.D., Cassey, P., Evans, N.J., Grasman, R.P.P.P., Hawkins, G.E., Heathcote, A., Holmes, W.R., Krypotos, A.-M., Kupitz, C.N., Leite, F.P., Lerche, V., Lin, Y.-S., Logan, G.D., Palmeri, T.J., Starns, J.J., Trueblood, J.S., van Maanen L., van Ravenzwaaij, D., Vandekerckhove, J., Visser, I., Voss, A., White, C.N., Wiecki, T.V., Rieskamp, J., & Donkin, C. (in press) The Quality of Response Time Data Inference: A Blinded, Collaborative Assessment of the Validity of Cognitive Models. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Evans, N.J. & Brown, S.D. (in press) Bayes factors for the Linear Ballistic Accumulator model of decision-Making. Behavior Research Methods.   pdf

Evans, N.J., Brown, S.D., Mewhort, D.J.K., & Heathcote, A. (in press) Refining the law of practice. Psychological Review   pdf

Evans, N.J., Hawkins, G., Boehm, U., Wagenmakers, E.-J. & Brown S.D. (in press) The computations that support simple decision-making: A comparison between the diffusion and urgency-gating models. Scientific Reports

In Print


Evans, N.E. & Brown, S.D. (2017) People adopt optimal policies in simple decision-making, after practice and guidance. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 24(2), 597-606   pdf

Evans, N.J., Howard, Z.L., Heathcote, A. & Brown, S.D. (2017) Model Flexibility Analysis does not measure the persuasiveness of a fit. Psychological Review, 124(3), 339-345   pdf

Evans, N.J., Rae, B., Bushmakin, M., Rubin, M., & Brown, S.D. (2017) Need for Closure is Associated with Urgency in Perceptual Decision-Making Memory & Cognition, 45(7), 1193-1205   pdf