Prospective Visitors, Postdocs & Grad Students

NewCL encourages you to think of joining us. New grad. students receive a University supplied laptop and research support of up to $1500/year. We also encourage applications to small local small grant schemes which can further support work and travel.
We give you a desk, with monitor, keyboard etc. to use the laptop at your desk and access to lots of fast machines and a grid for computational work. 
The lab is very active and supportive with grad. students at all levels and several honours students each year. We encourage our graduate students to work with honours students on their projects to gain supervision experience, and the school offers tutoring work, both of which are good for building your CV. We also encourage collaborations between students and across advisors so that you can complete your studies with experience in more than one strand of research.



Research is supported by a full-time research assistant (David Elliott), who is a very able programmer with lots of experience in Psychology, having recently completed an research masters in our lab.

PC workstations for behavioural experiments
Shared with other labs:

  • one room with 12 PCs and ceiling mount data projector
  • one room with 6 PCs in cubicles

Exclusive to our lab:

  • two rooms with capacity for up to 4 PCs
  • three large individual testing rooms with PCs

Shared facilities (desks/PCs/filing cabinets) for grad. students

  • One room with capacity for 7
  • One room with capacity for 4

Several shared Linux workstations and access to a large grid computing facility

Office for visitors/research assistants

Server/storage room

Equipment for calibrated visual and auditory stimulus delivery and accurate response time measurement