Paul Williams

Position First Year Grduate Student
Faculty / Division Faculty of Science and Information Technology
School of Psychology
Telephone +61 2 4921 6959
Location Aviation Building
Room AVLG08


In Print


Eidels, A., Ryan, K., Williams, P., & Algom, D. (2014) Depth of processing in the Stroop task: evidence from a novel forced-reading condition. Experimental Psychology, 61, 385-393.   pdf

Williams, P., Eidels, A., & Townsend, J. T. (2014) The resurrection of Tweedledum and Tweedledee: Bimodality cannot distinguish serial and parallel processes. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 21, 1165-1173.   pdf


Williams, P., Nesbitt, K., Eidels, A., Washburn, M., & Cornforth, D. (2013) Evaluating Player Strategies in the Design of a Hot Hand Game. International Journal on Computing.   pdf


Williams, P., Nesbitt, K., Eidels, A., Elliott, D. (2011) Balancing Risk and Reward to Develop an Optimal Hot Hand Game. Game Studies, 11(1), online   pdf